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MV Eagle Spirit is a 1990 Cooper Yachts Prowler. Its length overall is just under 35 feet and it has a 12 foot beam. It is powered by 2 brand new Volvo Penta 5.3 liter V8s and 2 brand new DPS outdrives. We have replaced most other main components in the boat and she is ready for traveling our coast.


Cooper Yachts was a boat building company started by Forbes Cooper in the lower mainland of BC, Canada and his boats were designed to be strong and stable in the west coast ocean. They were nicely outfitted with features normally found on larger yachts and the Prowler is a perfect fit for the two of us and our dog, Bobbi.
Cooper Yachts is no longer in business, but Forbes Cooper is still building boats, because apparently, retirement didn't work for him. Our boat was picked up in November 1989 by the first owner and many years later, she fell into the hands of a couple of short term owners who wanted to use, abuse and neglect her. Well, we found her and we will take care of her! We have renamed her with a proper denaming/renaming ceremony and have given her the best hardware she's ever had.

We knew what we were in for and that it would take time to make it "ours", make it reliable and seaworthy, so we took a year to make it good. We made it great! It will be an ongoing project, because like a home, there's always something to do. The work we have had done includes having the hull repaired by Allen Phillips of Dryland Marine: blisters ground out, dried, properly filled and coated with 6 coats of epoxy sealer, 6 coats of anti-fouling paint, he added a bow thruster, a new hot water tank and changed out and improved out entire waste system. Then over to 101 Marine Repair, where Gary Mulligan and his team replaced 80% of the boat's wiring, installed a new main water tank, 4 new Lifeline AGM house batteries, 2 new marine start batteries and 6 new battery boxes, added an inverter/charger, isolation transformer, Vesper AIS transceiver, new VHS radio with AIS, new Maxwell windlass, new anchor chain & rode, new anchor, modified the main helm (because we're short), changed all the gauges and controls at both helms over to Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit and drive by wire controls, installed 2 brand new Volvo Penta 5.3 litre marine engines with new DPS DuoProp out drives, replaced the flooring and added a new bimini and eybrow cover over the cockpit and a new dinghy mount with a brand new Yamaha dinghy outboard. We've also added a night vision camera, LED lighting, new steroe with Blue Tooth, new 28" 4K monitor (for those Netflix nights) and a new generator. Phew! Last but most definitely not least... changed the name with a proper denaming and renaming ceremony. She's ours now and she knows we'll take care of her! Shes' solid, reliable and fast! We are ready to cruise the west coast year round, but slowly though, so we can enjoy it..

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